Wild Blue Ale

Wild Blue Ale a delicious hog alc 8.5
Premium blueberry lager rich smooth blueberry tasting. Www.wildbluelager.com
Question: how does a brewer brew an Ale and a Lager in the same beer. Some smart guy or gal could probably tell me, but I understand Ale and Lagers use 2 different fermentations. Well enough said this beer was awesome, and it gets my rating of ‘give me another’! But also had to be respected for the alcohol was masked by the sweet berry taste. The beer was 8.5 % alc , and I believe enough to unravel the best of the uptight beer drinkers. I would have taken one but I also have my alter ego of sober driver.

Strong beers to me sound like an oxymoron. Sure I appreciate the alcohol but if I wanted that much I would just buy liquor. The problem then is where is the great taste only beer has. I found on a web site called Beertutor.com that the strongest beer is made by only a handful of companies. Klienbrauerei Schorschbrau and Brewdog being the most recognise in this domain of brewing. They brew beers in the range of 55% alcohol.Top 100 Strongest Beers in the World by – Alcohol(ABV)Crazy isn’t it?

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Dundee Pale Bock

Dundee Pale Bock – this beer like most is for comfort. Just like cookies, ice cream, and chocolate. So in my fellowship with my parents, my Dad offered this brew while at his house. He just finally started feeling better after 30 days of chemo treatment. The beer is crisp, and pale, with not much of a head. I think to have this with a slice of pepperoni pizza would have been a super line up for my next round of this beer! I really enjoyed the hoppy taste, but I don’t think I would gravitate toward it for my first beer. I think most would find it too strong. Dundee says the effect of Dundee is similar to eating cheese fries; you want to eat more than one serving, but you use self denial to preserve yourself. But they go on to say than it is more for your soul. Crap its like a religious experience. I did find a strong sense of wanting to lift my upturned palms to Heaven and repent. Just like anything the body demands more of because its addicted to the endorphins kick, there is also the law of diminishing returns taking effect too. I went to school at Michigan State University, and it had plenty of bad weather, in fact I think we wad about 3 hrs of sunshine. So to deal with it we drank some brews and ate cheese fries. College guys metabolisms allowed us to do this; we never gained a pound. Today not the case, it would double me over. Just can’t handle that much dairy and grease anymore. Good thing Dundee is there now to give the religious experience to remove the winter blahs and cleanse the



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Samuel Adams Costal Wheat

Samuel Adams Costal Wheat- I’m not to impressed with this beer. I’ll drink the whole thing because I don’t like waste. I can definitely taste the lemon, in fact it is like biting into rind after taking a sip,of this beer. I do like lemon so I’m not hating on lemons. I just am not impressed with balance between the sweet malts and tart lemon.

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Cubano-Style Expresso

Cubano-Style Espresso – I wasn’t even looking to go out and buy some tasty ones but I found this beer. We went with our dear friends the Grisler’s to Mazzaros in St. Petersburgs Fl. for coffee and some pastries. Hey its what we do. Mazzaros is the epitome of a Italian grocery store, that is why it is so special to go to for me. It reminds me of the Italian grocery stores when I was station in Sicily. Just imagine fancy pastries, fresh bread, and Expresso. How much better can it get? Heck we drove half hour to get there and spent $2.00 in bridge tolls. People actually wait in line to get in the door on Saturday mornings. Publix is our high end grocery around here, but so far I have never witnessed this calling by a store to its customers. This place really is a gastrointestinal takedown so to speak. My wife took charge of getting the pastries, and I took charge of the coffee. She showed me what she bought and it filled a large paper bag. Holly molly, she told the attendant to give her one of each on the top shelf. She got the nickname Topshelf for this feat. I salute you Topshelf, for this culinary takedown, we certainly got a delicious sample of everything. By the way we were on the right track with the sweets, Cubano says it pairs with azzuro con leche.
This beer is cool in that Mazzaros teamed up with our local brewer Cigar City to make everything I value in a beer, malty brown and thick, and damn it’s Ale man! Okay now imagine you love coffee brewed so thick you can taste the beans, yeap this happens in spades. I had to use the card
reference, by the way did I tell you it was delicious. I did get a little hard burn from this combo, so wouldn’t recommend drinking late at night.

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Magic Hat #9 Not Quite Pale Ale

Magic hat #9 Not Quite Pale Ale- Tam and I were invited over to Hannah’s apartment to visit. Its great having them living in town with us. I had this awesome beverage while hanging out on their patio. This beer was recommended by Han’s friend Tara. She must have really thought it was great, because Han doesn’t care for beer. She does like a good cider though, so I had this great beer and they drank some cider. Tam doesn’t care for beer or cider. They have the most beautiful apartment I have ever seen; it overlooks the Braden River.

I have to say I really enjoyed this beer! The beer has a distinctive hopiness, hazy orange characteristic, with a hint of a fruit finish. It’s even safe for Vegans, because it doesn’t use Isinglass or fish bladders to speed up clarification. What?? I think it’s more dangerous than ever being a Vegan. Good thing I enjoyed my last bottle with a New York Strip steak, yum delicious.

Magic Hat brewery describes their facility as the “antifactory”, I guess to fit in with the whole craft beer revolution. This beer is described on their website, http://www.magichat.net, as impossible to describe. Hmmm. They used adjectives like “mysterious” and “unusual”. I love a good mystery, so I was even more intrigued when they further describe the beer as “cloaked in secrecy”. I wondered what does #9 mean, and why Magic Hat for the name of their brewery? The brewer further says the brew asks more questions than it answers. Perhaps this is true. They did answer what distinguishes this “Not Quiet Pale Ale” by answering 9 characteristics of the beer.
TYPE: Not Quite Pale Ale, okay I get it, but I need more definition. Yeast: English Ale, now we are getting somewhere. Hops: Cascade Apollo and malts: Pale Crystal. ABV equals 5.1 % by volume. , fairly high in alcohol. Bitterness, specific gravity and SRM values meant little to me since I have no comparison. And last distinguish characteristic, is availability: year round. I thought it was funny on all the numerical values they didn’t include the units of measure. I added the alcohol one and I made an assumption. So that is why I think they call it number 9, although they didn’t say it exactly that there are 9 characteristic and that is why it is called number nine. They did say it was their 9th attempt to make beer the market would buy and they can’t figure out why this one sells and the other ones didn’t. Well 9 characteristics works for me and even The Count can’t argue this.


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Estrella Damm Daura Lager

Estrella Damm Daura Lager beer – I had this with my Dad while watching the Lions game. Unfortunately they lost against the Saints, but they had them praying! So didn’t like this beer or the fact the Lions lost, especially after waiting 30 years for this playoff birth. Could I drink it again, sure. My wife bought it in a 4 pack(unusual) that advertised it as the World’s best. I would describe it as very clear with a light head developing when poured. Not the usual beer I would gravitate toward. I decided the best way to drink this beer was with a orange slice in it to Jazz it up. Watch out Blue Moon. .
Another beer in a clear bottle just like Corona, now I was starting to wonder what the deal was with this beer, so started to investigate it on the Internet. Estrella is a gluten free beer(Daura), and says it right on the bottlecap; wheat pod with a line through the middle of it. Why the need for a gluten free beer? This choice is important for anyone with celiac disease. It’s caused by eating foods that produce gluten proteins, which includes all good beer making ingredients oats, barley, and wheat. The small intestines reacts to the food by preventing absorption of some parts of food the body needs. The end result is the person becomes malnourished, and it doesn’t matter how much food is eaten. The exact causes are unknown, but can affect all ages of men and women. Once a person is diagnosed it’s important that they avoid the gluten producing foods. Good thing there is a beer that’s able to accommodate this need.

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Bohemia Stout

Bohemia Stout – I found a reasonably priced beer among machine guns, cigars, pristine blue water and shopping galore. The price was as refreshing as the taste, only a dollar fifty. My ship NCL Star was running some kind of sin city tax by charging 6 bucks a beer which really put a damper on beer buying. I bought one outside the pier where we docked in Cozumel on our way to the shops and open air stalls downtown. Cozumel doesn’t have an issue with open alcohol consumption, so I took it with me to go. It was very nice to be able walk down the street with my senses numbed by the 5.3% alcohol to all the monotonous shops,that sold the exact same thing, blankets, silver jewelry, bracelets. Did I say silver jewelry? Several times sales men tried to break into my utopia,”saying hey Mr Bohemia please let me show you some silver bracelets for your girl friend.” I wanted to laugh at their english, but my spanish isn’t better. It was kind of surreal having the liberty to walk with a beer, but the payment was a armed presence by their military dressed in black with a machine gun slung around their neck. Well I’m happy to report nothing could tear me from my state of good Wa. Every guy walking down there must also smoke cigars because quite a few of these offered to me as well. Maybe the choice of beer said more than I knew about my masculinity. Anyway the beer is a German pilsener I found to have a great full taste and when poured presented with nice foamy white head. So get out of the way Mexican crap salesman this stout will help you deal with any of their ridiculous behavior.

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